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Speed Dating: Melbourne - Australia

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Speed Dating in Melbourne is huge. Sydney is generally regarded as Australia's capital for Speed Dating popularity, but Melbourne can't be too far behind in our opinion. Melbourne has an excellent night life and great atmosphere. There is always something to do here in Melbourne. The reason why Speed Dating popularity has sky-rocketed is it quite simply takes the time and awkwardness out of dating. Perfectly suited to our fastpaced lifestyle, this is an dating concept that is rapidly spreading all over the world. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s guaranteed to work!

Why does it work?
How can it not work? Just think about it for a second. How long would it take you to talk to 15 similarly aged singles who are genuinely looking for someone? Depending on your social life it could take months.... Well not at a Melbourne Speed Dating Event, you get to do it in just 2 hours!!

Now, out of every 15 similar aged singles you meet, how many do you think you might want to see again? A few? Half? Even the fussiest would have to pick at least one or two!!

Have you ever been out on an Internet or blind date? A setup by a friend, maybe? Talk about pressure, you start the evening with your heart in your mouth and all sorts of anticipations, but somehow things don’t quite work out – there’s no connection and you just can’t wait for the night to end...

At Melbourne Speed Date we give you the chance to meet 15 singles for six minutes each.
YOU get to see what this person looks like with your own eyes.
YOU get to find out what this person is all about, and see how compatible the two of you are.
YOU make the decision if you would like to see that person again.
It really is that simple and easy.

So now you can see why Speed Dating is so popular and effective here in Melbourne. Want to know more? REGISTER your interest for free.