Speed Dating Melbourne Australia


I went to a competitor company and there were uneven numbers. Is this common?
As we do hear this quite regularly, this DOES NOT happen at a Melbourne Speed Dating Event. All our events are planned out very carefully. We do not try and book as many events as possible and scrape around for numbers at the last minute or even have to reschedule events. Its not uncommon for our events to be sold out a week before the actual date, giving us plenty of time to confirm and organise even numbers of both guys and girls.

How many people will I meet?
In the beginning we used to run bigger events consisting of 20-25 couples, believing this gives better value for money. Our feedback has shown that anymore than about 17-18 dates and it does tend to get a bit tiring. We guarantee a minimum of 15 dates.....

What is the dress standard for a Melbourne Speed Dating Event?
The standard is quite high in recent times. While personality is important, self appearance also tells alot about the character of someone. Dress as if you were going out on that crucial "first date". Girls, you always come well presented. You will find a few people come straight from work so you might see a suit or two. Guys, dress pants, collared shirt and clean dress shoes would be next best after a suit.

What sort of people will I meet?
Average normal people just like you and me. Most Speed Daters tend to be friendly, honest, sincere people. Just think, everybody in that room is there for the same reason: they want to meet and talk to new people. Many of our participants are doctors, lawyers, business owners, teachers, IT workers, accountants, nurses, clerical workers etc.

I am a bit nervous about going by myself...
Everyone gets nervous about attending a Melbourne Speed Dating Event for the first time, whether you come alone or come with a friend. I would say about 80% of guys come alone and about 30-40% of girls attend solo. Just think of all the other people coming alone, how would they feel? Just like you I bet, some would be even more nervous! Our two friendly hosts understand this and go out of their way to introduce you to others that have also come by themselves. Once your into the "Speed Dating", the nerves quickly leave and you wonder why you were ever nervous to begin with....

What happens after I register?
Once you fill in your details you will receive weekly emails from us in regards to suitable upcoming events. Emails are usually sent on a Sunday or Monday. Girls 29-39, you may not hear from us straight away as these events get sold out way in advance.

How does the Matching process work?
We take all the scorecards after the event to calculate all the matches. Your matches will be sent out to you via email within 24hrs of the event finishing.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We take credit card and direct deposit. We do not allow payment on the night, all bookings must be paid before attending the event.