Speed Dating Melbourne Australia


Here’s how: Let’s say you’ve registered with us and we’ve notified you by email of an upcoming event. You arrive at the venue around 7.30pm. Once there, you’ll probably like to take a few minutes to relax and settle in while discreetly ‘checking out’ your fellow speed daters as they arrive! (We invite an even number of single and eligible bachelor and bachelorettes to each speed dating session – usually around 15 of each). Around 7:40pm, you’ll be briefed on the night’s procedures by your friendly host, before the ‘speed dating’ begins in earnest. Here goes…

Guys and girls are paired together at individual tables and Round 1 STARTS. You now have exactly 6 minutes to get to know one another! After 6 minutes a bell will ring and your first date is officially OVER – there’s no time wasting here! You then decide if you would like to see that person again and mark your card with either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.

The girls then rotate to the next table before starting another six minute ‘mini date’ with a different guy. We will take 2 breaks through out the evening: the first for a food break, the second for a designated drinks break where you will receive your complimentary drink as promised. As Speed Dating happens very quickly, these breaks are also designed for you to catch up with the guys/girls you took a liking to during your "Speed Dating".

At the end of the night you hand your card back to the host, for subsequent MATCHING.

Now, the Speed Dating was fun but this is what you really came for...RESULTS. A ‘match’ occurs when two people have both ticked ‘Yes’ to each other on their score cards. We will contact everyone the very next day to pass on the details of their matches. This is where the fun can come in. Take a list of your matches into work the next day and watch the reactions of some of your workmates!!

At least making that first phone call will feel a lot more comfortable knowing that the person you’re calling is genuinely keen to get to know you better. It’s a ‘Win-Win’ situation!